Our Work: Training and Interventions

                        Stress Less Clinic® Training Institute

                        Our vision is the guiding light that propels Stress Less Clinic® forward. We would be delighted if you would join us on a transformation journey as we redefine lives and create a world where resilience, understanding, and purpose flourish. Our commitment to you is to guide you as an individual and an organization towards rediscovery and reshaping life. We take immense pride in offering comprehensive and dynamic educational courses and bouquets based on evidence-based and practical research methodologies collected from our global colleagues and Gold Star laboratories.

                        List of Courses

                        * Health and Wellness

                        * The New Science of Stress: Basic and Advanced

                        * Mental Health Bouquet

                        * Emergency Mental Health Response EMHR

                        * Psychological and Neurological RESILIENCE for Mitigating Stress and Burnout

                        * Principles of Neuroplasticity Wellbeing and Model

                        * Trauma Awareness, Understanding and Treatment

                        * Gender-Based Violence and Domestic Violence

                        * Suicide Awareness. Prevention, Grief

                        * New Technological Stress: Technostressology® Technostress, Techno-Addiction, Techno-Neuroplasticity

                        * Additional courses will be added shortly



                        We define interventions as targeted and purposeful actions or strategies developed through systematic research and evidence-based approaches to address specific problems or challenges in various fields. We aim to bring about positive change, improvement, or resolution by directly targeting the underlying causes of the issue. Our interventions include programs, policies, therapies, techniques, technologies, or educational methods designed to have measurable and meaningful impacts on individuals, organizations, communities and society. The development of our interventions is informed by rigorous research, ensuring that they are grounded in empirical evidence and have a higher likelihood of success.

                        Our Approach:

                        Our four-pillar approach is EXlSTENTIAL, SOCIAL, BEHAVIOURAL, and BIOLOGICAL. 



                        Stress Less Clinic® Training Institute:

                        1. All Stress Less Clinic® Academy Courses are certificate courses

                        2. Stress Less Clinic® is a ION Certified Training & Service Partner

                        3. Stress Less Clinic® is a VFISA Community Service Centre Training Provider

                        Stress Less Clinic® and its founder, Sean D. Waters:

                        1. Stress Less Clinic® is registered in Class 44

                        2. Sean D. Waters, MA, DipCogSc, M.H., M.npn, Accredited VFI, DAIS, APA. And other