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Sean D. Waters, MA, DipCogSc, M.H, M.npn, APA, SAP, DAIS, founder of Stress Less Clinic®, a practising Stress Scientist and Practitioner practising: Stress Sciences, Psychoneuro-immunology (PNI), Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Burnout, Depression, PTSD and Technostressology through interactive interventions, educational programs, coaching mentoring, and consulting.

Einstein Archives Award Hebrew University Jerusalem. SDW Equation. GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2022 2023. ION Certified Training and Service Provider. Founder Human Spaceship Project HSP

Memberships and Associations: Member of South African Neuroscience Association, Associate member of Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa, Mental Health Information Centre of South Africa, International Affairs Committee Member of the Society for the Advancement of  Psychotherapy Div.29 APA, Member of MDS, Educator of the NFFF Stress First Aid program, and Student Facilitator of the Neurosurge psychoneuroimmunology program. interprofessional collaboration with UCLA Laboratory for Stress Assessment and Research. Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Psychophysiology Lab. 

Afriforte(PTY) Ltd is the commercial arm of the WorkWell: Research Unit for Economic and Management Sciences, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, North-West University Potchefstroom. Stress Less Clinic® is a valued partner of Afriforte and an accredited user of the OHFB instrument    http://www.afriforte.com.   

Products: (1) Organizational Human Factor Benchmark (OHFB) instrument  (2) Afriforte Stress Assessment (ASA)

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) Stress Less Clinic is an accredited educator and practitioner

Stress First Aid (SFA) Reactions for EMS, First Responders, and healthcare workers. 


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Neurogility in collaboration with Sean D. Waters founder of Stress Less Clinic®