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Technostressology, the study of technostress as a modern disease where people experience technological stress, eustress, and distress when they cannot healthily adapt to information technologies, including those whose interaction with technology is excessive and threatens to absorb their attention and consequently harms their wellbeing as a user. This is referred to as the behaviour of technological stress and addiction (technostress & techno-addiction), where techno-psychotherapy is used to manage and cope with technological stressors.



Book: Technostressology 2nd Revised Edition Unplug by Sean D. Waters

ISBN 978-620-2-67254-2 (International publication Lambert Publishing More books | Now translated into German, Russian Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Spanish and French

Book: Technostressology by Sean D. Waters

ISBN 978--19990930-21-8 (South African publication) | Enquires