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Psychological and. Neurobiological Resilience: Mitigating Stress and Burnout–––understanding, coping and intervention


Sean D. Waters


Abstract: This paper, inspired by the new science of stress, explores and discovers psychological and neurobiological resilience to external stressors and its impact on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, neuroendocrine and immune systems; behaviours such as attitude, emotions and habits identified and modified neurobiologically. Effective interventions and treatment solutions are essential resilience-building aspects, especially in the workplace environment. Elements discussed include: (1) how to define resilience and resistance and the difference between them, (2) what are the most critical determinants of resilience, and (3)  the most effective ways to enhance resilience. 


Keywords: Resilience, stress, psychological, neurological, brain, immune system


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