About Us

 Stress Less Clinic® holds a certificate of registration in the Registration of Trade Marks no. 2017/00905 STRESS LESS CLINIC  class 44 South Africa.

Our simple idea was to start a practice that would positively impact the lives of others.

Our team consists of highly skilled and certified practitioners specializing in their fields of expertise. Our practitioners apply cutting-edge counselling, coaching, mentoring, and consulting solutions to both individuals and organizations.

The Stress Less Clinic® recognises the need for guiding and coaching people to cope and manage their stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma challenges. The Stress Less Clinic® practice model is influenced by the principles of Viktor E. Frankl's Logotherapy meaning-centred living, counselling, and psychotherapy. Frankl originally termed logotherapy as an Existential analysis attempt at psychotherapeutic anthropology, an anthropology that precedes all psychotherapy, not only logotherapy. 

The Stress Less Clinic® offers coaching, mentoring, and consulting sessions, including interactive interventions, and workshops, and publishes articles of interest and worksheets from time to time. 

In addition to the above, the Stress Less Clinic® also offers mental health awareness workshops and programs, Stress First Aid workshops, including Health. co. za Integrative Wellness Business Unit.

With technological singularity upon us, otherwise known as the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), the Stress Less Clinic® provides niche technological coaching, and mentoring sessions in the field of Technostressology®: Technostress; Techno-addiction, and Techno-psychotherapy. 

We practice the New Science of Stress in our interventions, workshops, and sessions using practical and authentic methods and solutions. We believe that our clients should experience their own stress, which is uniquely theirs.

Stress Less Clinic® recently formed an interprofessional collaboration with UCLA Laboratory for Stress Assessment and Research and is an accredited Life Stress Test user.

Feeling better about your attitude towards stress is our reward for guiding you along a newfound path of meaningful and purposeful stress.