About Us

 Stress Less Clinic® Registration of Trade Marks no. 2017/00905 STRESS LESS CLINIC  class 44 South Africa.


Our simple idea was to start a practice that would positively impact the lives of others: Our team consists of highly skilled and certified practitioners specializing in their fields of expertise. We provide cutting-edge interventions, mentoring, and consulting solutions to organizations. Our most recent and successful project is the Human Spaceship Project HSP, and the SDW Equation.


Stress Less Clinic® recognizes the need for guiding and coaching people to cope with and manage their stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma challenges. Neurosciences are the backbone of our understanding of the human brain and its role in body functioning, leading to neuroplasticity for treatment solutions such as PNI Psychoneuroimmunology.


Stress Less Clinic® hosts interactive interventions and workshops and publishes articles of interest and worksheets.


Stress Less Clinic® provides niche technological coaching and mentoring sessions in Technostressology®: Technostress, Techno-addiction, and Techno-neuroplasticity. We practice the New Science of Stress in our interventions, workshops, and sessions using practical, authentic methods and solutions. 


Stress Less Clinic® is a lab member of UCLA Laboratory for Stress Assessment and Research and an accredited Life Stress Test user.

" We help you to grow your potential."