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Stress Less Clinic® provides simple, effective, practical ways of helping individuals and companies with awareness, understanding, managing, coping, and evaluating their lives by practising the new science of stress and living a stress-less, balanced, refreshing life through coaching, mentoring and consulting. Our philosophy is to understand our client's environment and challenges where we use fit-for-purpose intervention solutions and treatments.

Sean D.Waters

Sean D.Waters is a practising Stress Scientist and Practitioner, a Neuroplastician practising in Johannesburg, South Africa, and founder of the Stress Less Clinic®.

Sean is an approved Diplomate of the American Institute of Stress, a Diplomate Educator/Administrator in Logotherapy, and a Mental Health Professional with a special interest in Stress Sciences | Psychoneuro-immunology| Technological stressors |  Technostressology® | Specialized Educator | Author | Neuroplastician |

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Stress Less Clinic®

Courses for Stress Sciences, Neuroplasticity, Emergency Mental Health Response, Health & Wellbeing, and others.

Interventions are our key to effective treatments and solutions.

Programs include online/virtual, in-person, groups and workshops.

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Feel free to contact us If you or your loved ones are in need of special care for mitigating the risk of stress and burnout.

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