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refreshing life

Stress management and coping techniques

Meaning and purposeful goals

Stress Interventions and assessments

Work-related Intervention Management Standard

Empowerment Plans

Stress Therapies - Mindfulness and related therapies 

Specialized subjects

Human Transformation:  Change, Leadership, Human and Dialogic Transformation, and Narrative practices.  

Stress and Burnout: 

Repetitive Strain Injury/Work-related upper limb disorders:

Upper limbs including; back and neck strain, arms and hands, eyestrain, headaches, hearing impairment - Treatments in association with leading healthcare professionals including Occupational Therapists. 

Fitness and Well-being -  Fitness practitioners, Dieticians and Nutritionists.

Medical Assessments by certified Medical Practitioners, and Nursing Professionals for:

Cholesterol, Diabetes, Weight, Blood pressure, Hypertension, HIV/AIDS testing, Spastic colon, general Medical Practitioner.

Trauma and PTSD - Certified Trauma Counselling Practitioners 

Emergency Medicine Care Stress Management: 

Emergency Care Stress Management for mitigating stress and burnout for emergency medicine doctors and physicians. Measuring instrument, interpretation, interventions, counselling, consulting, leadership.  

First Aid and CPR  - by Trained and Certified First Aiders for First Aid and CPR certification. 

Mental Health First Aid Professionally trained Mental Health Practitioners.


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Technological stress incorporationg Technostressology

Stress Management Practitioners, Logotherapists, Psychotherapists, Healthcare professionals. 


Stress Less Clinic: offers coaching, mentroring consulting and counselling including workshops, articles, and workbooks/sheets for individuals and organizations.

We are proud to provide an array of psychological, physiological and spiritual self care services. Our practice provides tailor-made packages for Organisations and Individuals with the inclusion of our Associates to provide a total holistic solution. 

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