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We are proud to provide an array of psychological, physiological and spiritual self care services. Our practice provides tailor-made packages for Organisations and Individuals with the inclusion of our Associates to provide a total holistic solution. 

Our amazing array of services for you!

Stress coaching, mentoring and consulting subjects

Stress Management Practitioners, Logotherapists, Psychotherapists, Healthcare professionals. 


The new science of stress counselling and mentoring for individuals and stress in the workplace.

Technology stress

Stress management and coping techniques

Meaning and purposeful goals

Stress Interventions

Stress Assessments

Work-related Intervention Management Standard

Empowerment Plan 

Stress Therapies - Mindfulness and related therapies 

Specialized subjects

Human Transformation Practitioners - Change, Organisational Change, Leadership, Human and Dialogic Transformation, and Narrative practices.  

Stress and Burnout measuring instrument - Organisational Human Factor Benchmark OHFB

Coaching, mentoring, consulting, workshops, lectures, articles and workbooks

Repetitive Strain Injury/Work-related upper limb disorders:

Upper limbs including; back and neck strain, arms and hands, eyestrain, headaches, hearing impairment - Treatments in association with leading healthcare professionals including Occupational Therapists. 

Fitness and Well-being -  Fitness practitioners, Dieticians and Nutritionists.

Medical Assessments by certified Medical Practitioners, and Nursing Professionals for:

Cholesterol, Diabetes, Weight, Blood pressure, Hypertension, HIV/AIDS testing, Spastic colon, general Medical Practitioner.

Trauma and PTSD - Certified Trauma Counselling Practitioners 

Emergency Medicine Care Stress Management: 

Emergency Care Stress Management for mitigating stress and burnout for emergency medicine doctors and physicians. Measuring instrument, interpretation, interventions, counselling, consulting, leadership.  

First Aid and CPR  - by Trained and Certified First Aiders for First Aid and CPR certification. 

Mental Health First Aid - Professionally trained Mental Health Practitioners

Stress First Aid - Trained and certified practicing the programs of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation USA. Assistance to the public as well as EMS Professionals and Personnel.




TechnostressologyTM: Technostress; Techno-Addiction: Techno-Psychotherapy.


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