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refreshing life

Welcome to our refreshing life website!

Who we are


Sean D.Waters

Sean D.Waters is a practising Stress Specialist Practitioner practising in Johannesburg, South Africa, and founder of the Stress Less Clinic.

Sean is a Diplomate of the American Institute of Stress, Diplomate Educator/Admistrator in Logotherapy, Mental Health Professional with special interests in the research, development, the new science of stress, psychoneuroimmunology, technological singularity incorporating Technostressology: Technostress, Techno-addiction and Techno-psychotherapy.

What we do

Feel free to contact us If you or your loved ones special care for mitigating the risk of stress and burnout.

+27 (0)83 7832949

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Stress Less Clinic, provides simple effective and practical ways of helping both individuals and companies with awareness, understanding, managing, coping, and evaluating their lives by practising the principals of the new science of stress, and living a stress less balanced refreshing life through coaching, mentoring and consulting. The philosophy is to understand the clients environmentand challenges.

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Who we are

We observe or clients in their environment,and then we assess and evaliaute the root causes of the problem. Suggestilons and solutions are formulated presented, and implemeted with sposorship by the client. Constant monitoring and evaluation has been the success of the way we practice and help our clients to deal with their challenges.

We specialise in coaching, mentoring and consulting to professionals.